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Drilling Without Conventional Excavation

What do you do when you need to drill beneath roads or paths without destroying the existing structure? Directional drilling is the answer. Contact us today for an appointment.

  • Running irrigation lines beneath sidewalks

  • Replacing irrigation lines on a golf course

  • Running underground electrical lines

  • Digging without disrupting traffic

  • Working without disturbing business

  • Installing new pipes or conduits in tricky locations

Situations for directional drilling

Whether you've got one of the easier underground problems or one of the most difficult, you'll get the job done safer and better when you go with Accu-Dig.


You also get professional and reliable testing and inspection services throughout the Midwest. We're ready and available 24-hours with our emergency services crew on call.

All excavation types and situations

For directional drilling in any weather, call

Serving the great Midwestern states, including:

  • Michigan

  • Ohio

  • Indiana

  • Illinois

  • Kentucky