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Stop Problems before They Even Start

Sometimes a small problem can be stopped before it becomes a larger, more expensive problem. Contact Accu-Dig for pressure testing to make sure your system is safe.

  • Available on all sizes of pipes

  • Segment pressure testing for multiple laterals

  • Manhole vacuum testing

  • Mandrel testing on pipes

  • Professional, reliable services

  • 24-hour emergencies

Our pressure testing services

Before you start a residential or business occupation in a building, make sure the water systems are safe and sound. Accidents can hurt more than walls and floors!


Contact Accu-Dig We'll inspect and test all water, sewer, and septic systems and conduits to make sure everything is ready and in top shape. Better safe than sorry!

Better safe than sorry

For pressure testing services, call us at

Serving the great Midwestern states, including:

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