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Get Video Inspections and Get the Facts

You can take a guess and theorize about what problems you might have in your underground system. Or, you can bring in the video experts at Accu-Dig and get the facts straight!

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • Inspecting pipes 6 inches in diameter or larger

  • Pinpoint problems without guessing

  • Video saved on DVD / CD for future use

  • Special equipment available for pipes under 6 inches

  • Undocumented pipes can be mapped

Our video inspection services

In the past, excavation companies would spend hours digging up areas thought to be the location of the break or clog, only to find out that the problem was somewhere else.


Now, video inspections from Accu-Dig help you find the exact location before any digging gets underway. That saves time, and time almost always equals money.

Accu-Dig saves time and money

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